CBS@CTF:~/$ cd ..
Permission denied: stay the fuck home!

CBS@CTF:~/$ date
Sun Apr 12 10:00:00 UTC 2020

CBS@CTF:~/$ ./hack
STAY ~/ CTF is over. Congratulations to:
1. Bushwhackers
2. ZenHack
3. Suicide Apelsin

Scoreboard, services, sploits and write-ups is availiable via GitHub

CBS@CTF:~/$ git clone

CBS@CTF:~/$ ./feedback

CBS@CTF:~/$ ./donate
We organize our CTFs and trainings on a regular basis. Though our infrastructure is cost-optimized, it is not 0. So we are open for donations if you want to support us. Vulnbox costs ~3$ per team.
Tinkoff (roubles or if you have a multi wallet card):
Bitcoin: 1F6XjKjCMvHseScedHyH2xFpLybFGAfgZP

CBS@CTF:~/$ ./follow

CBS@CTF:~/$ _